The Ultility of Mathematics


This essay discusses the best current understanding of the relationship between mathematical and empirical knowledge.  It focuses on two questions:

  1. Does mathematics have some sort of deep metaphysical connection with reality, and
  2. if not, why is it that mathematical abstractions seem so often to be so powerfully predictive in the real world?

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Bill Gates’ predictions about speech recognition: a historical overview

Harry G Frankfurt, On bullshit: “Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about.”

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The Machinery of Thoughts

Scientists do not completely understand how memory is stored in the human brain. Some researchers believe that short-term and long-term memories reside in separate regions of the brain. In this August 1997 Scientific American article, staff writer Tim Beardsley summarizes the results of studies that have sought to discover which areas of the brain are involved in short-term memory and how that memory is organized.

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